Wednesday, September 21, 2005


Was that only yesterday?
It seems miles ago
how each day seems longer--
each morning and evening
separate entities,
not parts of a whiole
Time seems to travel at variable speeds
though always forward, thank God.


All unexpected it was thrust on me.
Bewilderment, astonishment leapt up,
For I knew it was of no use to me:
Yet I learned to desire its presence soon.

But when I started to encourage it,
It came no longer willingly to me.
It backed away and all defensive stood;
Bewilderment, astonishment leapt up.

Then I discovered that I did not care;
I found that I am stronger all alone.
It returns now for uncertain reason:
Perhaps apology, whimsy perhaps,

But I, who realize the consequence,
No longer care to bring myself to that.