Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Product Labels

Meg from Canada loves swing sets.
Meg from Canada can read product labels in French.
Meg from Canada wants us all to go winter camping. In a yurt.
Meg from Canada spent thirty minutes at a party playing with cat toys and refusing to say anything but "meow".
Meg from Canada says that last week she ran out of maple syrup, and she was thirsty so she went to the moose hatchery to get more, but she didn't feel like hitching up her dog sled, so she got out her snowshoes instead.
(That is a joke. Moose hatcheries do not stock maple syrup, only Molson and affordable prescription drugs.)
Meg from Canada says it's okay that I'm bad at driving automatic.
She plays softball and likes marshmallows.
She laughs a lot.
And I'm just like, Universe,
are you serious?

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